About Mimi

Moving overseas at a young age has given her the exposure and inspiration she needed to follow her dream of becoming an illustrator. She has won multiple awards for her illustrations and has participated in many gallery showings in Paris, France. Mimi loves to draw and paint almost anything, but gravitates more towards the fantasy genre as she feels it reflects her personality and shows her creativity through two-dimensional mediums.

Foreign myths and legends are themes commonly found in Mimi’s art, and her subject matter tends to depict mythical creatures and fantastic adventures. The images she creates convey a story that is visually presented through the expressiveness of figures, the wide variety of color,  and the selected technique used in each piece. 

Her work is usually done traditionally with her favorite mediums being pen and ink, oil paints, and watercolors. Mimi’s illustrations cover a wide range of genres, from realistic to medieval fantasy, with her personal style being inspired by both Western and Japanese cartoons.